More From Team Couric In Washington

We just got another dispatch from Producer Nicolla Hewitt in Washington. The adventure down there continues. -- Ed.

There haven't been enough hours and minutes in this day that's for sure! As I said before, it's been a rollercoaster, and that hasn't stopped since Katie got to DC. She has anchored two network specials (the President's news conference and his statement with outgoing Secretary of Defense Rusmfeld and his newly nominated replacement Robert Gates). Then there was the interview with Speaker of the House-to-be Nancy Pelosi, and General John Batiste, one of the six Generals who'd been calling for Rumsfeld to be replaced.

We are working out of the 7th floor of a law office, and I think they are overwhelmed by all the computer equpiment, wires, and extra personnel taking up space (look here tomorrow for photos!) We literally have a bird's-eye view of the Capitol, and it couldn't be a better venue as the political power begins to shift following the election.

All of us in this business love a full-packed day of news, and it's certainly been that, with newsmakers including President Bush, Nancy Pelosi and Donald Rumsfeld. (A little factoid: Did you know he was both the youngest and oldest Secretary of Defense?) Anyway, time to get back to work to get the show on the air tonight. Tomorrow we'll bring you photos of Katie's trip and a glimpse "behind the scenes."