More Munchkins Than Oz

Earlier in the week, Katie mentioned in the blog how Dunkin Donuts coffee and a Munchkin or two kept her going in the afternoon.

Those nice people at Dunkin Donuts, to our amazement, have generously sent over a gazillion Munchkins -- boxes of them, along with crates of piping hot coffee.

The "C&C" staff is stunned. It's not quite a mountain o' donuts (as seen in the picture) but it's impressive. We're humbled. And stuffed.

Now might be a good time to mention how grateful we are that they read our blog -- and, while we're at it, how much we also like Harry Winston jewelry, BMW sportscars, and the QE2.

Just a thought.

We may need to take a break. It's hard to type with jelly and powdered sugar on the keyboard...