On The Campaign Trail

I've always wondered what life was like out on the campaign trail. I got a first-hand look over the weekend by spending a day with the GOP front-runner in Iowa, Mitt Romney, and his wife Ann. Their schedule is incredibly hectic, with town meetings, small gatherings, and photo ops. Romney was on the run all day! We even conducted part of our interview in a car as he sped out of town, with a friendly reminder to put our seatbelts on after the faux pas that was made earlier in the campaign.

I'm not sure if this is always the case, but we certainly ate a lot. From Dutch Letters (a treat made at the local pastry shop) to bologna-on-a-stick out on the street, I think I really got caught up in the whole experience. I even bought a local specialty, dried beef, to bring home.

The thing that really impressed me about Iowa and the people there is how invested they are in politics and how seriously they take their role in politics -- they have the nation's first caucus, which will take place in January. Folks were really friendly, and also really well informed.

I thought Romney handled one situation particularly well when a young girl wearing Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama buttons came up to greet him. Romney told the little girl that it was OK, he would worry about Obama in the next round.

Check out some photos from the campaign trail.