Picture That

With the Senate pulling an all-nighter to discuss the Iraq war, battle lines are being drawn as to whether it was "grandstanding" or a "tactic."

But one thing it definitely was? Media savvy. As the Los Angeles Times reported:

The cots were strategically placed near the Senate chamber. Plenty of coffee was ordered. And the sergeant at arms was instructed to be prepared to retrieve absent senators early this morning.

In a carefully choreographed event, the "world's greatest deliberative body" staged a rare overnight debate devoted to the Iraq war.

And according to CBS News correspondent Allison O'Keefe, that choreography was mapped out very carefully.

Yesterday around five, she passed along this dispatch from Capitol Hill:

Members of the Capitol Building Maintenance staff rolled about 12 cots into the LBJ room on the second floor of the Capitol.

I asked one of Majority Leader Reid's staff why they would go to all the effort to bring in cots that Senators will probably not use. He responded by looking at my camera and said, "that is exactly why.. the picture."

Watching the morning news and cable channels thus far today, while the Democrats didn't get the change they were looking for, from a media perspective they did win the camera caucus, as over 1,400 stories reported on the cots.