Pin-Up Does Plamegate?

Why was former jailbird Judith Miller yukking it up earlier this week with "Fox and Friends" – defending the Harry Potter leaker, no less – and beaming this Tuesday on "Hardball" as she discussed terror risks?

You would be feeling fine, too, if you found out you were going to be portrayed by Kate Beckinsale on the big screen.

Yep, that's right. The "Pearl Harbor" beauty and "Evolution" buttkicker is coming to DC. According to Variety, a new movie is ramping up with a very familiar plot.

Rod Lurie will next direct his script "Nothing but the Truth," a drama about a D.C.-based female newspaper reporter who outs a CIA agent and is imprisoned for refusing to reveal her source.

Cast is mobilizing for an October production start. Talks are under way for Kate Beckinsale to play the journalist, Matt Dillon the prosecutor, Vera Farmiga the CIA agent, Edie Falco (in her first role since "The Sopranos") the editor of the newspaper that published the story and Alan Alda the attorney who tries to free the reporter from jail.

It's a well-known saying that "Washington is Hollywood for ugly people," but c'mon. Why hire Matt Dillon for the prosecutor's role when the real-life lawman was voted one of People magazine's Sexiest Men? I'm sure William Hurt could be quite Bob Novak-esque and -- given the sordidness of the entire story -- can't a spot be found for Steve Buscemi?

All jokes aside, with the bad rap that most journalists get nowadays, this isn't a bad idea. Competitive pressures and ego games have created an environment where the media injures itself with self-inflicted wounds regularly. Big-time personalities lob grenades at each other on a daily basis, insults and accusations are tossed around, all in the interest of winning that day's spat -- or another tenth of a ratings point. With various critics lamenting that "the media is horrible because it's liberal" or "the media is horrible because it's conservative," the bottom-line message that gets through to most Americans is that the media is horrible, period. And when media critics get ahold of a journalistic scandal or an example of media sloth, those get blown up – while the solid day-to-day reporting done by the vast majority of reporters gets buried.

So if it takes a starlet best known for her recent work as an acrobatic vampire warrior to boost the image of journalism and the fourth amendment, then so be it. And if they're looking for someone to portray the well-meaning, conscientious CBS Public Eye guy, allow me to toss out a few names ... Christian Bale? Ryan Gosling?

(Editor's Note: This piece has been amended from its initial version.)