Questions For The President

Personal questions that members of a Japanese "town meeting" asked President Clinton Thursday:
  • On whether he got good grades as a child: "Mostly."
  • On his fatherly involvement with daughter Chelsea: "I was very involved with her from the time she was a very small baby, always going to her events and always working with her on her homework until it became too difficult for me. My wife and I both tried to be very involved in her life, although she has reached an age where I don't think she always thinks it's a good idea."
  • On tips he could offer about speaking before a large crowd:
    "Imagine, no matter how many people are in your audience, that you're speaking in front of a few of your friends. If you're in a big crowd, the microphone is your friend. You can speak normally because the sound will carry."
  • On the pressures of his job: "Of course, sometimes you want to get away from it. But the important thing is to not get overwhelmed by the work. ... I exercise every day and I play a lot of golf - certainly not as much as I wish. ... I do the things that remind me I am a normal person and I need a balanced life."
  • On his dining habits: "My wife and I have dinner together every night when we're both home. About four times a week, we have dinner together, and about three times a week one or the two of us is out. My favorite dish is a Mexican dish, chicken enchiladas."
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  • On his apology to the first lady and Chelsea for his affair with Monica Lewinsky and whether they've forgiven him:
    "I did it in a direct and straighforward manner, and I believe they did, yes. But that's really a question you could ask them better than me."
  • On his taste in television sets: "We have some Japanese televisions ... in the White House complex. I have, over time, owned a number of them."

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