Record Calls on Your Treo

Last Updated Mar 30, 2007 8:43 AM EDT

treobugWhile I'm not about to get into the merits of different PDAs (at least not right now), the Treo does give its users one advantage that seems to be lacking in other handhelds—the ability to save phone call recordings to their SD cards. CallRec costs $20 and turns the Treo's side button into a "record" button that can be activated at any time.

As the Consumerist points out, this is a great way to record customer service calls. But the ability to record conversations on the fly is also great when you're discussing important business and don't have a way to take notes.  Remember, though, to ask permission first before you record a phone call. Just because the Bush administration seems to have gotten away with phone taps doesn't mean that you will.