Report On Diana Death Submitted

A report on the high-speed car crash that killed Princess Diana has been submitted to a French judge. CBS News Senior European Correspondent Tom Fenton reports that it sheds new light on the fatal car crash that took place more than one year ago.

Driver Henri Paul was legally drunk and on tranquilizers the night he drove Diana and Dodi al Fayed from the Ritz Hotel, according to excerpts from the police report leaked to the French press.

Their rented Mercedes had no mechanical defects, apparently ruling out a theory that the vehicle was sabotaged. The car was doing at least 80 when it entered the underpass, then brushed against a white Fiat Uno, which the police have not yet been able to track down, and spun out of control.

The car hit a pillar at more than 70 miles an hour, which is not as fast as originally thought, but still twice the legal speed. None of the passengers was wearing a seat belt, and contrary to earlier reports, that includes the sole survivor, bodyguard Trevor Reese-Jones.

The fate of the 10 paparazzi arrested after the crash must still be decided. It now seems likely that manslaughter charges will be dropped, but some may be charged with failure to help at the scene of an accident.

Two more reports will be submitted this week. One of them will have to do with the level of medical care Princess Diana received and the other will be about the causes of the accident. The conclusion is likely to be: drunken and reckless driving.

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