R.I. Fire Death Tolls Climbs To 99

A teddy bear is attached to a pole at the site of last Thursday's fatal nightclub fire in West Warwick, R.I., next to a sign announcing a memorial prayer service, Wednesday, Feb. 26, 2003. Mourners continue to arrive at the site where at least 97 people died Feb. 20, leaving flowers and personal memorabilia.
A 39-year-old man caught in a nightclub inferno sparked by a heavy metal rock band's pyrotechnics has died, bringing the death toll from the fire to 99.

Mitchell Shubert, a construction superintendent from Florida, died of his injuries Thursday, his teenage daughter said.

Shubert was one of hundreds who went to the Station nightclub in West Warwick, Rhode Island, Feb. 20 to see the 1980s band Great White perform. The club was destroyed when the band's pyrotechnics ignited foam used by the club for soundproofing. The band and the club's owners disagree over whether the band told the owners about pyrotechnic show.

A grand jury is investigating whether criminal charges should be filed in the fire, which also injured nearly 190 people, 19 of them still in critical condition; three people who were brought to area hospitals have since died.

Authorities are investigating whether the club had illegal, highly flammable soundproofing on the walls as well as the circumstances surrounding the pyrotechnics.

Officials at clubs in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida and Maine where Great White played before the fire have said the band used pyrotechnics without telling them.