School-Age Set's Favorite Pastimes

For this year's 10th annual CBS Toy Test, CBS News Consumer Correspondent Herb Weisbaum counts down the winners among school-age kids.

There's something new from Playmobil, a three-story fairy-tale castle that kids can build any way they want. The set comes with everything from turrets to staircases.

"It's very sturdy. You can pick it up and move it around," said one of the teachers who participated in the CBS Toy Test.

You even get members of the royal family. And if you want, there are add-on furniture sets. Teachers told us it was a hit with both girls and boys.

Playmobil's Fairy Tale Castle sells for about $200.

It seems like every year a remote-controlled racer makes it on the CBS Toy Test list, and this year is no exception. The TMH Super Rebound is really fast. The Super Rebound has a rotating power arm that lets it perform some wild stunts.

The TMH Super Rebound is from TYCO and runs about $90.

Next, Whac-A-Mole. Yes, those crazy critters from the arcade now have their own home game. Each of the nine talking moles has its own personality. Hit the one that lights up with your color and you get a point.

Whac-A-Mole is from Toy Biz and sells for around $30.

Another game that really tests your reflexes is Bop It Extreme, a new and enhanced version of last year's hit game, Bop It. With this extreme version, there's more to do.

The electronic voice might tell you to bop, twist, pull, spin or flick it. You never know. If you miss, expect to hear a snide comment.

Bop It Extreme is from Hasbro. You can play alone or with friends. The price is about $25.

Something you don't see every day is a girl robot! Meet Martina, the No. 1 school-age toy in this year's CBS Toy Test. It's easy to see why she's such a hit. She's big, 2-feet tall and very kid-friendly. The wireless controls are hidden in her hair bow. Kids speak into the remote to give Martina a voice.

And, believe it or not, say something nice to her, and she blushes!

Martina is from GP Toys and sells for about $100.

In the next report: top-rated video games.

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