Secret Service investigates threat in New York


Special agents of the U.S. Secret Service executed a search warrant today at a private home in a residential neighborhood of Elmira, N.Y.

"The Secret Service is working with State and local law enforcement on an ongoing investigation," is all a Secret Service spokesman in Washington, D.C., would say about the operation.

The Elmira Police Department is quoted by local reporters as saying the investigation involved a threat.

The Secret Service is charged with investigating any threats made against the U.S. President.

A spokesman says most threats against the President are made online. Since Mr. Obama took office, at least 65 people have been indicted for threatening his life, according to the Washington Post.

Local reports in Elmira say police cleared neighbors out of homes adjacent to the targeted house. Police were seen wearing surgical masks as they executed the warrant.

According to a report on by 18News WTEM, agents and police had taken a computer and several guns from the house in question. Police were questioning the man who lived there, said 18News. He was reportedly carrying nine knives in his pocket at the time he was contacted. Jeff Murray of the Star Gazette posted this photo of the home on Twitter.

Secret Service headquarters in Washington would offer no confirmation of the local reports. The President was at the White House Tuesday.

Ever since the White House incident Sept. 19 in which a man jumped the north lawn fence and penetrated the White House, the Secret Service has been on heightened alert. Agency Director Julia Pierson was forced to resign and retired special agent Joe Clancy, who spent years on the job as head of the Presidential Protective Division, was named Acting Director.

New procedures have been put in place designed to tighten security and provide added protection to the President and his family.

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