Secret Service tweets photos of dogs assaulted by fence jumper

The public now knows a little more about the White House K-9 guard dogs that helped subdue the latest White House fence jumper Wednesday night. The Secret Service tweeted out photos and Twitter-length bios of Hurricane and Jordan, both Belgian Malinois dogs.

A Secret Service photo of Hurricane, one of the K-9s that helped subdue a man who jumped over the White House fence Wednesday night.

They're both described as "ready to work," but Hurricane "enjoys playing with his Kong toy" while Jordan likes "walks around the White House."

Dominic Adesanya, 23, climbed the north fence of the White House early Wednesday evening. The dogs were released and caught Adesanya, who kicked one dog and punched the other. The Secret Service said Adensaya was immediately taken into custody by Secret Service K-9 teams and uniformed division officers.