Shop For Kids On The Net

What are some of the best gifts for kids in this holiday season? And, just as importantly, where can you find them with the click of a mouse? Wendy Israel, of Family Life magazine, brought her picks to The Early Show.

Israel is a new mother herself, and she says the 'Net has made shopping a lot easier in this holiday season.

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"I don't have to put my baby in the car seat, drive to the mall, get her into a stroller, deal with the feeding and diaper change. I can do it from my own home and in my pajamas," she says.

Here are some of the toys Israel found, and where she found them.

Magnetivity from Tiny Love is a choice suggests for babies. It is a magnetic toy that can be attached to the crib or, as the baby starts crawling, to the refrigerator. It costs $14.

Have fun changing blocks around.

Music Blocks can be obtained from an online site called, which specializes in educational toys. A child can create compositions using this musical computer. Its blocks contain musical phrases that the child can combine in many variations. The cost is $70.

The book reads for you.

The LeapPad from Leapfrog can be found at Back To Basic Toys. This classic toy utilizes phonics to help children learn to read. Additional books can be purchased.

Pokemon, the hot toys of the season, can be found at Toys R Us.

The set smells like the sea.

Play-Doh is still popular after all these years, and at you can get The Play-Doh Seaside Playworld set. It smells like the sea and you can make the pieces wiggle.

Harry Hairball from Rumpus is a popular stuffed animal. Inside of his mouth you can find smaller animals like a fish or a bird. It's also available at