Sight in Midwest sky amazes many

Dozens of people reported seeing what they thought was a meteor falling in the Midwest sky late Monday morning.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch says some reports on social media described the sight "as a flash that fell from the sky and disappeared a couple hundred feet above the horizon."

The newspaper says Tom Stolze, who runs the website O', posted a video of a bright light falling in the sky to the northwest of an outdoor camera in O'Fallon, Missouri.

As of Tuesday morning, the American Meteor Society had received 154 reports of a fireball seen over Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas and Kentucky and Michigan.

"It looked like one of the more expensive fireworks shooting down instead of up. I could have sworn it landed in the field I was driving by!" one observer from Wendelin, Illinois., in the eastern part of the state, said on the society site.

One person wrote, "I saw a streak of white light followed by a burst of yellow/orange before the object disappeared."

In Ballwin, Missouri, one person said it was "orange (that) flickered and flashed rapidly, then went out."