Stress Not: Try Vitamin C, Scent

Vitamin C isn't just a supplement anymore. In fact, it has so many uses, that it tops The Hib List, reports CBS Contributor Laurie Hibberd for The Early Show.
Stress fix: A recent study conducted at the University of Alabama showed that 300 milligrams of vitamin C every day helps reduce stress.

Of course, that study was done on rats, but doctors feel they would get the same results from humans.

A vitamin C supplement is still a great way to get your daily dose, but these days, itÂ's only the beginning.

Vitamin C shampoo is now available on store shelves to help consumers replace lost minerals and protect their hair from the sun.

It's also possible to have to a vitamin C facial. Skin experts think itÂ's the best way to maintain a healthy glow.

"For lunch, make yourself a vitamin C salad using a little spinach, red pepper and tomato," suggests Dr. Lisa Liberatore.

And finally, stop by your favorite record store and pick up the vitamin C CD. ThereÂ's no nutritional value, but itÂ's catchy.

Jeans with an edge: You've probably seen a lot of people wearing jeans with trim. They are very hip and trendy but thatÂ's not why they made The Hib List this week. They made it because they are probably the biggest scam in fashion.

ItÂ's basically just a pair of regular jeans with some fabric sewn on the bottom, but department stores are selling them for more than $100.

Now, you may not be Martha Stewart, but you can buy $6 worth of fabric and sew it to the bottom of an old pair of jeans. They may not look perfect, but you can save yourself a bundle.

The other way to save money is to wait until the trend disappears, which should be, any day now.

Heartbreaker Maguire: He's the man! Or at least he will be. Actor Tobey Maguire has two new films coming out and because he does he makes The Hib List.

If you don't know him yet, wait a month. Maguire has already had screen time in films like The Ice Storm and Pleasantville. But with the release of The Cider House Rules, he is poised to become the next hot thing.

Move over Matt and Ben! There's a new guy on the screen and his name is Tobey Maguire.

Wrist watch: Finally, we've all seen the power beads. They're very hot, and a lot of people are wearing them. But you know what? They're so in they're out.

But hot on their heels comes aroma bands! ItÂ's the bracelet that enhances your mood through smell!

They come in different aromas that are supposed to give you clarity, serenity, energy or passion.

It seems Americans love the idea of wearing something on their wrist. So why not make it decorative and functional? You can pick aroma bands up in stores for about $3.10.