Studying Iraq And Then...?

The 10-membber bi-partisan Iraq Study Group is deliberating this week and is expected to release it's report soon, maybe in a matter of days. What happens after that? Capitol Hill Correspondent Sharyl Attkisson has one answer. – Ed.

What will Congress do with the report from the Iraq Study Group? After all, the whole thing was Rep. Wolf's idea.

Our sources say Congress won't do much. They point out the Iraq Study Group is an ad hoc group with no authority to make the President do anything. We asked Democratic leadership whether they would try to codify the report by crafting it into some sort of legislation, defining it with more specifics, or putting it to some sort of endorsement vote. As of now there are no plans to do any of that.

Democratic leaders point out the Pentagon is doing its own review as well as the President's interagency task force. So all of those things will have to be looked at. Kind of what President Bush has said.

In short, Democratic leaders say the ISG has no force of law, and no real "teeth," and as of today, they don't plan to give it any.

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    Sharyl Attkisson is a CBS News investigative correspondent based in Washington.