Take A Power Strip To Go

Last Updated Mar 23, 2007 3:47 AM EDT

The great thing about trafficking in tips for businesspeople is that inspiration can come from just about anyone. Take this latest tip, courtesy of a comment on another blog that linked to a recent Business Hacks post. A reader of the travelblog Gridskipper who goes by the name AcidReign suggests that folks who go on cruises should pack a power strip, as the tiny cabins usually only have one plug. 

tiny power stripCool idea. And having a power strip handy isn't just useful for business travel; it can also save the A/V setup at a presentation and reduce fights over outlets at packed meetings. But most power cords are too bulky to fit into a laptop case. And squids don't pack well. Enter Monster Cable, which produces a slick set of tiny power strips designed exactly for this purpose. A four-outlet, two-sided strip is only six inches long, and roughly two inches wide and tall. The coolest part of the $20 gizmo, though, is that the cord wraps around the strip and plugs into itself for storage.

So keep the ideas coming. Remember, this blog is for those of us who take pride in our jobs, but realize that cutting corners (and cutting through the crap) is an essential part of being good at what we do. Got a work-related problem? Email me. Got a better hack than I do? Send it on over, and I'll make sure to give credit where it's due.