Talking With Tween Superstars Aly and AJ

Hi everybody, and hope you enjoyed our show in Orlando on Friday. I stayed the weekend and had a great time visiting Universal Studios and Disney World with my kids. We spent quite a bit of time on the plane to and from the sunshine state with a favorite activity... reading magazines.

My eldest daughter, in particular, is obsessed with celebrity magazines like J-14, aimed at the preteen set. So I know everything there is to know about today's young stars, including the sister act who visited our show, Aly and AJ. They are all over magazines and Radio Disney and now are taking their act to MTV for a movie titled "Sweet 16: The Movie." Needless to say, my kids were thrilled when I had a chance to interview them today! And my co-anchor Harry Smith was thrilled that I was doing the interview with him because he has older teen boys and this was completely out of his bailiwick!

We had a great time with the super-talented sisters, who told me afterwards that they're very excited for the release of their album, "Insomniatic." They also said that their new single, "Potential Breakup Song," is No. 6 in downloads on iTunes. They kick off their tour in Phoenix next weekend and are playing festivals around the country. Not only do they co-write all of their songs, but they're accomplished with a variety of instruments and told me they'll be playing piano, guitar, and drums themselves on tour. Here's another bonus for teenyboppers -- they're taking along a couple of heartthrobs with them, including Corbin Bleu of "High School Musical" fame.

The girls are really grounded -- both were high school valedictorians -- and said they are really honored to be role models for young girls.