Ten Hilarious iPad Videos

Last Updated Apr 9, 2010 2:26 PM EDT

Most of the discussions I've seen about the Apple (AAPL) iPad have been deadly serious. That's certainly the case on BNET. But after a long week of pontification, it's time to kick back. Here are 11 videos ,running from amusing to laugh-out-loud hilarious, which look at the lighter side of the new device. A couple of appeared in other posts, but most are new to the blog and I thought that putting altogether in one place might be fun.

Will It Blend?

Blendtec is a company that makes blenders of unusual power and strength. Here you can see one turn an iPad into a smoothie.

PCWorld iPad Stress Test

This video starts a little slowly, but give it some time and the PCWorld crowd will have you laughing at its idea of a coffee break. You'll learn to use a doughnut as a stylus, then splash the screen to clear it. And, seriously? Buy a case.

MadTV iPad Spoof

When Apple first announced the name for the new tablet, many people mocked the moniker, but none quite so amusingly as MadTV.

Big Old iPod Touch

Someone spoofed the iPad introduction, calling it a "big old iPod touch. We took an iPod touch and -- pffft -- made it bigger."

Steve Jobs, Compressed

Neil Curtis edited the video of Apple's launch and strung together all the adjectives that everyone from Steve Jobs on down used.

Pee-Wee Herman Gets an iPad

Yes, it's the real Pee-Wee Herman, not an impostor.

iPad and the Third Reich

Hitler plans his campaign to purchase an iPad and then flips out when he finds out what it won't do. (Warning, mature language and a bad hair day.)

Good Jobs Hunting

A redubbing of a scene from Good Will Hunting in which Matt Damon takes on an iPad lover. (Some mature language, but good hair.)

Grandma's iPad

Grandma's iPad commercial -- how the iPad replaces all your other devices. Or not.

iPad Top Ten

David Letterman's top ten questions before waiting in line for an iPad. And given that it crapped out in the middle of his bit, maybe he had to.

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