The Morning After: Katie Heads To Washington

Katie is headed to Washington today. One of her producers, Nicolla Hewitt, just dropped us this e-mail. -- Ed.

We are continuing to live and breathe the election. Katie is running on four hours sleep, but thriving on this political rollercoaster. As I type this, Katie is enroute to the airport to catch a flight to DC. We are hoping the flight makes it in time for Katie to anchor the President's press conferece at 1 pm. If not, Harry Smith will be doing it from New York. We have a fully packed day juggling correspondents, timing of the show, and Katie's interview with Nancy Pelosi, who will likely be the next Speaker of the House -- and the first woman to hold that job. Pelosi may run late, too, because her schedule is changing minute by minute. Speaking of minute by minute, it's time to run and continue planning the day. We'll send some photos along the way too if we can.