The Squid And The Bus

(AP Photo/Tazmania Parks Service)
Did you hear the one about the squid as long as a bus?

The Associated Press reports that the 550-pound "colossus" washed up on an Australian beach. According to Genefor Walker-Smith, a zoologist who studies invertebrates at the Tasmanian Museum, "It's a whopper."

Well, sure. But like most fish (well, squid) stories, however, it's probably worth giving this one a closer look.

Check out the picture above – see that pair of feet in the upper left hand corner? They seem awful big in light of the squid's alleged bus-length dimensions. (Perhaps the busses over in Australia are Mini-Coopers?) But the squid is sort of folded over itself in that picture, so we went looking for more evidence. And here's what we found:

(AP PHOTOS/Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service )

Yeah, it's a big squid. But bus size? Sure doesn't look that way. Ladies and gentleman, it's the season of the sequel, and it looks like we might have found our Monster Hog, Part 2.