The Strawberrys Write It Down

In their new book, Recovering Life, Darryl Strawberry and his wife, Charisse, discuss their relationship with each other and with God during their most trying times, which have included Darryl's recovery from colon cancer and from drug addiction.

Darryl was planning to write a daily devotional book, the couple tell Anchor Bryant Gumbel of The Early Show. But when the publishing company spoke to him and Charisse, they asked them to write it together.

"The editorwould sit down with us and interview us, you know," says Charisse. "It was, like, every day. And sometimes Darryl would do it alone, or together, or I would do it alone."

Adds Darryl, "See, I have the creative mind. I can create things, and I thinkwe just really came to a point of opening up and talking about our life.It's been publicized so much about the things that have happened in my life, and my wifefelt doing a book would be the best time for us to be able to share it."

The most difficult part of his tumultuous year, says Darryl, was his cancer diagnosis, which is where the book begins.

"A few years before that, I had just buried my mom from terminal breast cancer, so here it is, I end up with colon cancer I wasn't sure if I would make it and overcome the whole deal,"
he says.

But the Strawberrys agree that the crisis brought them closer together and gave them a different perspective about what's important. Charisse says she "never came close" to walking out on her troubled husband.

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"I love Darryl and if anybody knows him, [they know] he has a good heart and is a good person," she says. "We have time invested in each other. We have children, and anything we've been through we've been able to overcome it and pull together, and we've been able to become stronger as a unit."

Might so much forgiveness be misinterpreted as permission to return to unhealthy behavior?

"I'm no different than anyone else in recovery," says Darryl. "I will sit here and tell you and the world that. I am no different. It is a struggle. It's one day at a time. Sometimes, it's one minute at a time or whatever we have to do to keep our focus."

At the Yankee's victory ceremony this year, Darryl wept as he thanked team manager Joe Torre for his support, gratitude that extends to his whole baseball family.

"I mean, Joe Torre was the one who was making the decision about me coming back to playing and everything, and it really meant a lot to me and my family for him to think of me as being a part of thYankee family and help them be successful," he explains.

More information about Recovering Life may be obtained at a dedicated Web site,