This Year's Costume? A Tramp

Correspondent Sharyn Alfonsi has been sizing up some of the costumes for sale this Halloween, and reports they've changed since she was growing up... -- Ed.

When I was little, I was terrified of Halloween. I wanted the candy, but couldn't bear to wear a Vampire, Monster or Witch costume. For a few years, I went as "Thor - God of Thunder". I wore a winged cap and roller skates just in case I need to quickly "out-skate" anything evil. This, of course, made sense at the time.

When I got older and more mature, I switched to a cheerleader costume that my mother made for me. (That's me on the left, by the way, shaking my pompons.) Being a "good Catholic" mom, she made sure my skirt reached well below my knees and I wore shorts underneath "just in case." I thought I looked so grown-up. By today's Halloween standards, not so much.

All of the sudden, Halloween has become about dressing like a tramp. I don't care what adults do. Dress as a Pirate Whore, if that's your thing. But who in the world buys their child a French Maid's costume?! Someone does, because they're selling them…. for NINE YEAR OLDS! Will someone please explain to me what is scary about a Feather Duster? What has happened to Halloween?

During the course of reporting our story that ran on last night's Evening News, we found that a lot of teenagers and pre-teens are having trouble finding a costume that isn't sexy. 12-year-old Julia Schwarz wanted to go as Super Woman this Halloween. She is too old to wear a children's' costume, too young to wear the adult "Super Girl" costume they sell in the stores. (By the looks of THAT costume, Super Girl didn't have a father --because if she did, he wouldn't have let her out of the house in that skirt.) Frustrated by the lack of costume choices, Julia wrote a letter to the New York Times complaining about the revealing costumes. Then, she picked up her scissors and some felt and created her own Super Woman costume. It looks fantastic.

I might suggest she also gets a pair of roller skates, too. Just in case she needs to "out-skate" the French Maids.