Toys With Toddler Appeal

If there are toys on your holiday gift-giving list, you won't want to go shopping until you find out which toys are sure to be winners with your kids.

All this week we'll be counting down the winners in the annual CBS Toy Test. This year 5,000 kids in daycare centers across the country tested more than 300 new toys. While the kids played, their teachers watched and rated the toys on everything from fun to long-term attraction.

In the first report, CBS News Consumer Correspondent Herb Weisbaum shows the top-rated toys for toddlers.

The Scoot & Go Rider: geared to toddlers

It's a toy with guaranteed toddler appeal. In fact, the Scoot & Go Rider is really two toys in one. Push it with the big handle or climb behind the steering wheel and ride along. Or find a friend and do both at the same time. Teachers said the kids also liked the electronic key chain.

The Scoot & Go Rider is from Processed Plastic, available for about $20.

If you want something a little more high-tech, try the action-packed Rock 'N Roll Fun Driver. Start it up, turn on the radio and pretend you're racing down the highway. You control the speed, work the windshield wipers and hit the horn whenever you feel like it.

The Rock 'N Roll Fun Driver is loads of fun. It's from Blue Box Toys and costs about $20.

Rock 'n' roll with Ernie and Elmo

Come on dance with me! That's just what your kids will do when their Sesame Street pals Ernie and Elmo start singing the oldies. Each plays two songs. Elmo knows "Shake, Rattle and Roll" and an old Jackson Five tune. Ernie jams with "Rock Around the Clock" and "Splish, Splash."

Rock & Roll Elmo and Rock & Roll Ernie are from Fisher-Price. They're sold separately for about $30 each.

This year's winner in the CBS Toy Test in the Toddler category is the Jeep Junior, a ride-on toy that grows with your child. It starts off kid-powered. But when your little one is ready, just pull out the footrests. Show them the battery button on the handlebars and away they go at 1 mile per hour.

The Jeep Junior is from Fisher-Price. And it runs about $50.

The next report will feature winners in the prescool category.

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