Waking Up To A Hard-Hitting Interview

My favorite way to start the day on The Early Show is with a hard news interview. It really gets my brain working right from the get-go and it's always a challenge to be top of your game so early in the morning.

What makes it better is when the person you're interviewing is in the studio. Often, these interviews happen via satellite and it's hard to be conversational or interject a follow-up question in the middle of a long answer.

But when White House Homeland Security Adviser Fran Townsend came in this morning, we were able to carry on a very lively and pointed discussion about the state of Al Qaeda today and what threat it possesses to the U.S. homeland. Fran told me her worst fear is a catastrophic attack along the lines of 9/11, and when I asked if U.S. troops will be sent into Pakistan to quell Al Qaeda there, she admitted that everything was on the table at this point. Check out our interview.