CBSNews.com's Dick Meyer is once again writing "Against the Grain,"and pays tribute (or sorts) to the last generation of GOP leaders:
Really, it's just a simple thesis: the men who ran the Republican Party in the House of Representatives for the past 12 years were a group of weirdos. Together, they comprised one of the oddest legislative power cliques in our history. And for 12 years, the press didn't call a duck a duck, because that's not something we're supposed to do.

I'm not talking about the policies of the Contract for America crowd, but the character. I'm confident that 99 percent of the population — if they could see these politicians up close, if they watched their speeches and looked at their biographies — would agree, no matter what their politics or predilections.

As usual, Dick makes some compelling and provocative points. (Read him, and you will definitely both feel compelled and provoked.)

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