Who's The Boss and Media Critic?

(GETTY IMAGES/Jamie Rose )
"I was in an airport [last Wednesday] when that whole Paris Hilton interview was going down. I was watching 'The Situation Room' and they were talking about this interview that hadn't happened yet and then counting down to it. I'll never watch CNN again.

"I mean it. I think something's happened to news and entertainment. News has become entertainment. They don't give you what you need, they give you what you want. And entertainment has taken a turn, too. People aren't much interested in virtuosity. They just want to feel better when they watch something and that changes it all. So I don't know, maybe that's why Broadway was so great and I'm going to Vegas."

-- Tony Danza, Fourth of July emcee, King of Danzitions and former talk show host opining to the Washington Post about the newsmedia's excesses.